National Resources

National Resources for Young GirlsBelow is a list of national organizations that serve and/or provide resources to young girls

Organization Name: AIDS Alliance for Children, Youth & Families


Program Name: Girls 4 HOPE (Health, Opportunities, Prevention and Education)

Program Description: The program builds the capacity of community-based organizations to initiate and improve HIV prevention programs for African American and Latina teen girls. AIDS Alliance works with community-based organizations that serve these teen girls who are at high risk for HIV infection. They offer a comprehensive program of training and technical assistance tailored to mutually identify needs and an agreed upon individualized capacity building plan. Through GIRLS 4 HOPE, AIDS Alliance helps community based organizations connect parenting adults with teen girls to build strong, culturally and linguistically youth-centered HIV prevention programs.

Demographic Served: High-risk, African American and Latina teen girls (and their parents)

Age Group Served: Ages 13-18

Organization Name: Because I’m Beautiful Girls Club, Inc. (B.I.B.)


Program Name: Self-worth and Uniqueness Promotes Abstinence (S.U.P.A.)

Program Description: The program empower’s girls for the future through year round preventive activities, educational activities, interactive workshops with special guest speakers, and community service. The goal is to build self-esteem and confidence as well as promote abstinence and develop skills/practices for positive decision-making in adverse situations. Participants are involved in four distinct activities: 1) Character Education, 2) Teen Pregnancy Prevention, 3)Community Service/Giving Back, and 4) Etiquette/Personal Hygiene. Activities are designed to reduce the impact of negative peer pressure, reduce substance abuse, promote abstinence and discourage other high risk behaviors by promoting high self-esteem, building character and developing leadership qualities in girls.

Demographic Served: Low-income, at-risk females

Age Group Served: Ages 5-18

Organization Name: Boys and Girls Club of Sanford/Lee County


Program Name: Phenomenal Girls

Program Description: Phenomenal Girls is a two time award winning program. The girls meet each week to discuss topics that they deal with every day. Some of the topics include: teenage pregnancy, STD’s, eating disorders, date rape, drugs, binge drinking, domestic violence and much more. During the summer, the girls wear a pregnancy vest for six hours during the day and they take home a computerized baby for the weekend.

Demographic Served: Middle school and high school females

Age Group Served: Ages 12-18

Organization Name: The Centre for Women, Inc.


Program Name: The Centre for Girls – Site-Based and Outreach Program

Program Description: The program provides a continuum of services for girls, including early prevention and education programs beginning in pre-teen years. The Centre for Girls is a provider of long- term, site-based, out-of-school time, youth development services for girls. Through the program, they seek to accomplish 3 primary goals: 1) To provide educational activities that support the learning of critical life skills, and the promotion of physical, social and emotional health; 2) To promote family member involvement through activities that support and enrich the parent/caregiver-daughter relationship; and 3) To implement best practices of gender-specific programming and positive youth development in program operations.

Demographic Served: At-risk, low-incomes females in Hillsborough County

Age Group Served: Ages 10-18

Organization Name:


Program Name: Teen Drug Abuse and Addiction

Program Description: Drugs and alcohol have a greater effect on teens than on adults. The signs of addiction can be difficult to understand, and many teens don’t realize the long-term damage drugs have on their bodies because the short-term side effects fade. Help is available for teens who have questions about drug abuse or think they are suffering from addiction.

Demographic Served: Teens

Age Group Served: Ages 11-18

Company Designation: For-Profit

Organization Name: Girls For A Change


Program Name: Girls For A Change Silicon Valley Program

Program Description: The Girls For A Change model is built on core values and uses social change, youth development and coaching to fully engage women and girls in creating change. Through the process of identifying, designing and implementing girl-led solutions to challenges they face in their own neighborhoods, girls gain the voice, leadership skills and problem solving capacity they need to realize their full potential. There are four elements of the model: Girl Action Teams, New Girls’ Network, Girl Events, and Girl Steering Committee.

Demographic Served: Low-income, at-risk females

Age Group Served: Ages 11-18

Organization Name: Girls Hope of Pittsburgh (An affiliate of Boys Hope Girls Hope)


Program Name: Girls Hope Program

Program Description: Girls Hope provides a well-balanced, nurturing home and quality education through college for academically capable girls. They serve adolescents who are at risk due to poverty, neglect or harmful neighborhood conditions. They give girls a foundation for success by addressing their basic needs and providing enriching opportunities that build confidence and self-esteem. The focus on academic achievement through college creates a strong foundation that builds a future of hope and opportunity for the girls. Full-time house parents and other staff serve as role models by providing guidance, discipline and love, instilling values, and encouraging respect and compassion. They provide two stable, family-like homes, each accommodating eight full-time residents.

Demographic Served: Low-income, at-risk, homeless/neglected females

Age Group Served: Ages 10-18

Organization Name: Girls Leadership Institute


Program Name: The Girls Leadership Institute

Program Description: The institute inspires girls to be true to themselves, and teaches the practices of emotional intelligence, assertive self-expression and healthy relationships through camps and workshops designed to give girls the skills and confidence to live as leaders.

Demographic Served: Girls in school K-12

Age Group Served: Ages 4-18

Organization Name: Girls Place, Inc.


Program Name: After School

Program Description: The program transports girls from many Alachua County schools to the Girls Place for an afternoon of structured activities. Events emphasizing sports and athletic development include volleyball, basketball, track and field, soccer, and softball. Instructions and shared time in tumbling, aerobics, yoga, and more enrich the girls’ development. Girls also participate in arts and crafts and field trips, interacting with special guests, and much more. A study period is staffed each day with counselors and volunteers. The afterschool program runs during the regular Alachua County Public School year calendar. Partners and Funders: Early Learning Coalition, Fun 4 Gator Kids, United Way, and Women’s Giving Circle

Demographic Served: Female students grades K-12 from all racial, religious, and economic backgrounds

Age Group Served: Ages 5-18

Organization Name: Heartland Alliance for Human Needs and Human Rights


Program Name: Neon House for Girls

Program Description: Provides a residential program in a safe, structured environment for female youth as an alternative to detention. Youth receive shelter care services including educational instruction, recreation, life skills and health instruction, individual and group counseling, and transportation to and from court and other required appointments. Rehabilitative services in a home-like atmosphere help girls understand the reasons for their involvement in the criminal justice system and the impact of their actions on the community while providing them with the ability to become a positive force to change their future for the better.

Demographic Served: At-risk girls deflected from county juvenile detention system

Age Group Served: Ages 10-17

Organization Name: Project Exploration


Program Name: Girls’ Health and Science Day (GHSD)

Program Description: The program empowers girls with knowledge and skills to make healthy choices. The program offers the opportunity for all girls to know about themselves, since many have expressed that they don’t have support for their concerns or a chance to learn about their health. Workshops at the conference are presented by organizations that are experts on topics such as self-defense, self-esteem, the female body, healthy relationships, and sexuality. The conference goals are to present girls with medically accurate information, provide a safe place for girls to explore topics important to them, and to equip and empower girls to make healthy decisions. Partners and Funders: Motorola Foundation, Abbott Fund, Eileen Fisher, and Siragusa Foundation

Demographic Served: Female Chicago public school students; Low-income, at-risk females

Age Group Served: Ages 11-18

Organization Name: Project NIA


Program Name: Project NIA

Program Description: The mission is to dramatically reduce the reliance on arrest, detention, and incarceration for addressing youth crime and, instead, to promote the use of restorative and transformative practices, a concept that relies on community-based alternatives. Through community education, participatory action research, advocacy and organizing, Project NIA facilitates the creation of community-focused responses to violence and crime.

Partners and Funders: Steans Family Foundation, Chernoff Family Foundation

Demographic Served: Children and youth in Chicago who are arrested, detained, and/or incarcerated.

Age Group Served: Ages 18 and below

Organization Name: Vital Voices Global Partnership


Program Name: Vital Voices

Program Description: The mission is to identify, invest in, and bring visibility to extraordinary women around the world by unleashing their leadership potential to transform lives and accelerate peace and prosperity in their communities. The organization identifies, trains and empowers emerging women leaders and social entrepreneurs around the globe, enabling them to create a better world for us all. They provide support to women in terms of human rights, economic empowerment, and political participation.

Partners and Funders: ExxonMobil, Avon Foundation for Women, Boeing, Humanity United, and The Diller-Von Furstenberg Family Foundation

Demographic Served: Females; Social entrepreneurs, politicians, human rights defenders — leaders of progress around the world. From booming cities to remote villages

Age Group Served: All ages

Organization Name: Young Women’s Leadership Network (YWLN)


Program Name: The Young Women’s Leadership School

Program Description: The program helps urban youth break the cycle of poverty. The organization has paved the way for the framework of an all-girls public education in the United States. They replicate success in their all-girls public schools across the country, committed to giving urban students choices and opportunities for a first rate education. All schools are unified by common goals and core values: all-girls environment; small schools engaged in leadership development; high expectations; college preparation and guidance; and focus on results.

Partners and Funders: The Clark Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Gruber Family Foundation, Robin Hood Foundation, The Starr Foundation, Honorable Michael Bloomberg, Andrew H. and Ann R. Tisch Foundation, and The Tisch Foundation

Demographic Served: Low-income, disadvantaged female students grades 6-12

Age Group Served: Ages 11-18