Why We Need DREAM on Purpose?

According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, some of the key components to meeting the needs of Black girls include1:

  • Creating affinity groups that promote a strong sense of racial identity
  • Incorporating discussions about safe and healthy choices
  • Providing forums for mentorship
  • Opening access to higher education opportunities
  • Improving parent-daughter relationship
  • Reaching out to Black girls about reproductive health
  • Forming alliances between like-minded, Black girl based organizations

With this in mind, DOP recognizes that young females of color, living in North Central Florida are in need of revitalization – of their dreams, ambitions, passions, hope and more. Many stopped dreaming of life’s possibilities well before discovering their potential because all they see and are surrounded by is life’s negative realities.

DOP will function as an opportunity to meet the needs of Black girls in one, day-long clearing house of education, positive socialization and interactive resources. Dream on Purpose will serve as a springboard for girls of color to place their issues on a larger platform, encouraging all to be a part of the solution. To ensure sustainability, DOP will serve as a conduit by showcasing local organizations and relevant resources and connecting them to an underserved population of girls – in an effort to facilitate connections and build long-lasting relationships beyond the one-day seminar. An additional value proposition of DOP is to serve as a convener of individuals and resources.

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